Why book Mermaid Cove

Do you want to book a mermaid cove show?

If you are here then it’s clear that you want something amazing to wow your guests and thrill everyone that turns up at your event. A Mermaid Cove mermaid tank show is the perfect way to add that magic factor!

But where do you begin? How do you book a mermaid cove show?

Fear not! This is a guide to show you through the steps and considerations that go into creating an unforgettable event.

What kind of event are you running? Are you a festival? Indoor corporate event? Are you hosting an exciting product launch or want to increase footfall for a prestigious awards ceremony? There are many different types of event and Mermaid Cove covers them all! To make the most out of The Mermaid Cove it is best to decide what kind of impact you want to gain out of your particular event.

Our production shows are various length, immersive and completely different from your usual cabaret singer or aerialist. Our shows are a self-contained full production. We supply the acts, lighting, sound and wonder. All you have to do is supply a water source and people ready to be entertained! This is an incredible experience for a night of entertaining clients and guests. Pair off a production show with a follow up tank meet and greet and you have an immersive and memorable event that all your clients and guests will remember for years to come.

Are you wanting to do a little more than entertain your clients and guests? Mermaid cove is a huge draw in for people of all ages. The uniqueness of the experience is like no other and can increase your footfall at events significantly. You can’t get a mermaid cove tank show anywhere else so you can also take advantage of this by gaining momentum with local and national press to increase your outreach and improve your attendance numbers.

Social media madness

Not only that, here at Mermaid Cove we had an experienced marketing team that can collaborate with you to build and create a social media campaign to increase your social media outreach across various platforms. By collaborating and creating event specific hashtags, media and online content before and after the event and also targeting the right audience online we can make the build up to the event even more exciting and profitable. The social media campaigns are perfect for increasing your social following, heighten awareness for your event and draw more people in.

There is so much opportunity to create original content for your event with the Mermaid Cove as mermaids have always been ‘in’. Whether its mermaids marketing for health and beauty products (mermaid make-up pallets, scale leggings etc) or even mermaids used to market vehicles (Dacia Sandero, etc) the outreach that something fun and quirky like mermaids has is proven to be significant.

Memorable corporate entertainment

You would think that a mermaid tank would be out of place at a corporate event-but this could not be any further from the truth! The mermaid tank is a huge talking piece. So whether you are selling a product, making sales or even entertaining potential clients it is a standalone piece of equipment that can be used to your advantage.

You are not limited to just our production shows either! We collaborate with each client to create original and relevant shows for each event. So if you are selling a product and want a huge wow factor, then incorporate it into a show and have one of our lovely mermaids or mermen show off your product inside the mermaid tank. It’s guaranteed to gain more interest and involvement than having it sat on a table.

Download our brochure and contact us at Hello@themermaidcove.co.uk to get started on your Mermaid Cove journey.

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