What can Mermaids do for your brand?

Probably not a question you were expecting to ask yourself today, but surprisingly the answer is actually "a lot"!

Almost regardless of niche or industry we have found ways to apply a mermaid theme, whether it be to a product, event or marketing campaign. Mermaid Cove was born from a marketing perspective, we realised we could bring more than just entertainment to the table. With a new Little Mermaid live adaptation soon to be hitting our screens, Mermaid branded clothing flying off the shelves from outlets like Primark, or Mermaids in car advertising - this mythical creature has never been more "in".

To give you an example, one of the first campaigns our Managing Director Elle Woods was involved with was a simple post on Facebook by a casino that started out as a joke, and ended up with a full blown online competition that had over 40,000 interactions within the space of two weeks. Or on our own social media, with a following of just over 800 our videos and posts have reached 25,000 people last month with nearly 5,000 interactions - that's almost 1 in 5 people who have seen the post has interacted with us.

We now have a fintastic array of people that we work with to create marketing content for businesses, whether it's full production videos, photos or digital design, this allows us to do even more. So whether you want a new spin on a marketing campaign, a spectacular show for your event or even just a short product demonstration video let us know!

If you want to find out more about Mermaid Cove and what we do, make sure to check out our brochure

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