Projection mapped mermaid tank

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Here at Mermaid Cove we are excited to take the next step in innovating the entertainment industry and revolutionising our work yet again! Though months of planning, forging creative relationships with other leading industry professionals and our obsessive drive to reach above the common and mundane, we have cultivated our new and exciting act. The projection-mapped mermaid tank. This incredible feat of creativity has been brought to life by combining our expertise in immersive installations with the technology of spatial augmented reality, and it is AWESOME.

Pushing boundaries of performance!

The projection-mapping on our installations focuses on enabling seamless dimension shifts, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto static props and equipment. We then combine this with our speciality performers and audio equipment to create an audio-visual narrative that truly pushes the boundaries of immersive performance.

Always one step ahead!

The best innovations leave you wondering why someone didn’t think of them sooner. When Mermaid Cove first introduced our tank show concepts, we immediately struck a chord with the industry and helped shape it into what it is today. We intuitively combined the appeal and popularity of mermaids into a circus based, immersive show experience featuring elements of interaction and ‘build your own adventure’ style narrative performance. This has since inspired the next generation, and some long-time performers into emulating our show style. We unexpectedly started a trend of mermaid shows and accidentally set the standard and expectations on what mermaid-themed entertainment could be. This new influx of what we have previously done in our early days has inspired us to continue to think outside of the box, always leading us into innovating and rethinking what entertainment truly means to us.

The next era of entertainment

The development of our installations and our commitment to constantly innovate above and beyond the norm is a testament to the creativity and drive of the Mermaid Cove team. For the past two years we have been shaping the future of entertainment, mermaid performances and immersive installations, and we can’t wait to introduce you to our next era of entertainment.

Are you ready to believe?

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