Mermaid Cove At Brixham Pirate Festival!

Are you ready to believe?

Here lies the Mermaid Cove, an unforgettable immersive experience hosted by the Brixham Pirate Festival running from the 4th to the 6th of May, and proudly sponsored by Inter-Line Building Supplies

The Mermaid Cove is an installation like no other with a fun and unique twist. The installations centre around the incredible mermaid tank and their fantastical world full of surprises, magic, adventure and more! Immerse yourself in this mermaid tank show and find out more about the world of Mermaid Cove. With acrobatic stunts, daring sword fights and interactive crowd games this is truly a fin-tastic nautical show for all ages.

The custom made mermaid tank weighing in at over a ton and featuring a 50ft2 aquarium grade acrylic viewing window can hold a whopping 10,000 litres of water. It has been fabricated by the Nottingham based company and will be making its way to the largest and most popular pirate festival in the UK where they will be revealing one of their most fearsome characters to date! Will you help to protect the mermaids of the cove or will you join the fearsome Captain Hollow’s crew?

Brixham Pirate Festival is the UK’s ultimate pirate weekend that will bring you all the swashbuckling adventure and pirate shenanigans over the 3-day festival. It is held in the sunny fishing town of Brixham and will see an an astounding crowd of around 65,000 pirates.

Will you join in on the pirate adventure this May?

More information about the festival is available here

See you all there!

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