Meet the Cast!

The Mermaid Cove isn’t just about our mermaid tanks! The very heart of what we are about revolves around our characters and universe. The full storylines, endearing mermaid characters and relatable villains are all crucial to providing a fulfilling and exciting show.

So… Let’s meet the characters!


Elle is a protective force of nature. She is full of love and joy for those that she considers her friends but for anyone that tries to threaten the mermaid cove she is definitely trouble. As the founder of the cove she has a sworn duty to protect everyone in it and sometimes this means not always telling the full truth. Even Elle has some secrets she would like to keep hidden from even her closest friends…


Riptide is fearsome Viking warrior. His battle skills were legendary in his clan but don’t be fooled. He has a soft spot for his younger brother Reef and though he may torment him, his love for his brother is strong and no one, we mean NO ONE is allowed to hurt Reef (apart from Riptide). He guards the cove with all his strength and will not forgive anyone for hurting his friends.


Reef is the mischievous younger brother of Riptide. His antics are usually the cause of chaos and you can always find him in the middle of a spot of trouble. He may not be as strong as his brother in battle but he makes up for it in cunning. Reef brings a sense of fun and excitement to the cove with his practical jokes- though when the going gets tough he gets serious …..sometimes.


Freyja is the one person that riddles the Viking brothers Rip and Reef with fear. Her harsh words and lack of nonsense can come across quite abrupt. If Rip and Reef are in any sort of conflict she is the first person who can put them both in their place! Frayja is fiercely loyal to the cove and has pledged her sword to protecting her friends.


Luna is a siren. Her voice charms the hearts of humans and can be the downfall of sailors who tread too close… She has a dark past and a lot of pent up rage that can burst out when provoked. Her bad moods tend to cause storms but her smile is brighter than the ethereal glow of the moon. Her heart may have hardened from her treacherous past but underneath that icy layer lies a heart of gold.


Serena is a bright and well-read mermaid. Her life before being a mermaid was full of books and repetition. She loves the sea and the freedom that swimming around gives her in her new mermaid life and can be found swimming and exploring all sorts of secret hidden spots. Her knowledge of sea life and sea creatures rivals that of most merfolk due to the amount of marine biology books she has read.

You can see all of our mermaids and mermen performing in and around one of our portable mermaid tanks at a Mermaid Cove event. Who is your favourite mermaid? Each one of the cove has an extended backstory in the characters about pages.

To find out more about your favourite character head on over and discover more about The Mermaid Cove

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