Making a splash at Grosvenor Casino

Whilst everyone was enjoying the hustle and bustle of preparing themselves for Christmas, our mermaid Elle was preparing herself for something a lot less festive, though something just as fun! Upon hearing about a mermaid contest at Grosvenor Casino in Coventry, Elle decided to go on a little trip to visit and see what kind of card games and challenges there was. (She loves a good game of go fish!)

Alas! There was no card games but a group of lovely ladies who also decided to take part, most of which were midlands based and some were completely new to the experience of mermaiding, showing that the interest for mermaids is definitely skyrocketing! What a wonderful way to experience your first time being a mermaid for some of these contestants!

A free colourful cocktail later and all of the contestants were glittered, scaled and ready to go! The night featured 5 beautiful mermaids who in turn had their photo taken at a new water feature, (which was very hard to get Elle out of, it was quite a cosy set up for a mermaid) at the Casino followed by a complimentary buffet. (We all know Elle is a sucker for some free food!) This was a great way to interact with other likeminded mermaids and have a good old fin-wag. It’s safe to say that Elle left this event with not only a full tummy, but with some brand new friends that we all hope to see again very soon!

The mermaids were to be put to an online public vote on Grosvenor Casinos Facebook Page, the winner was to win a cash prize and the chance to return to be the Casinos Resident Mermaid on the water feature for the evening.

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