Magic for Everyone

Real mermaids exist.

To find them all you have to do is visit us at any Mermaid Cove event with our one of a kind mermaid tank!

Our mermaids are full of wonder and provide magic for all kinds of events and for people of all ages and let’s face it …. Everyone loves to be entertained and what better way than to watch a full production show of adventure, acrobatics, wonder and mermaids in our huge custom 10,000 litre mermaid tank.

Though not everyone can enjoy mainstream entertainment. Adults and children of all ages and walks of life are diagnosed with impacting disabilities that can affect their experiences with the world around them. These disabilities can affect a person's capacity to communicate, interact with others, learn and get about independently.

One of the most common diagnoses is Autism. Autism is a spectrum disorder. The autism spectrum includes children and adults with severe learning disabilities who have little or no verbal communication, through to those with an average or high IQ, including those with a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.

The many symptoms of Autism and other disabilities can include anxiety, sensory overload and in extreme cases epilepsy. These are huge factors and risks when watching noisy and over stimulated shows and performances. Music, tone, complications interpreting the performance dialogue, inability to hear or discern the sounds among so many other issues can be present for someone with a life impacting disability.

Here at Mermaid Cove we care about each and every person’s experience. No two fish or two mermaids are the same and this is why we have a wealth of skills and expertise that we use in crafting our shows, both in and out of the mermaid tank. We have something for everyone, from autism and sensory friendly shows to spectacular visual performances that include BSL and SSE for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Imagine being able to go right up to our mermaid tank expecting to watch a mermaid swim around and instead she starts to communicate with you via BSL or Makaton. These magical moments of joy and surprise is why we have worked with several specialists and consistently innovate to improve the Mermaid Cove experience.

This means that here at Mermaid Cove you can be assured that our mermaids work professionally with each event to cater to the complex needs of every audience and support greater inclusion for all. Our immersive experience is for everyone and we pride ourselves on bringing the magic everywhere we go so that even at regular events- our BSL trained and experienced mermaids can still help to create amazing moments and memories for everyone during our shows and meet and greets. With one of our spectacular production shows anyone can enjoy the full thrill of adventure and magic around, above and in the mermaid tank and the positive memories of being able to enjoy every moment rather than worry about all the risks an average, none inclusive show may have brought.

Do you have an event that needs that specialist touch? Mermaid Cove is the first and only company that has this immersive and carefully crafted experience, the first dedicated mermaid tank and with our inclusivity innovations no one needs to be left out of the enjoyment!

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