How to become a professional mermaid

So you think you have what it takes to work as a mermaid?

Here is a sneak peek into the life of a Mermaid Cove mermaid for all you humans out there who think you have what it takes!

1: Dedication

A mermaid cove mermaid is dedicated. The shows are rigorous and tiring. One moment you are swimming and holding your breath for minutes on end in our mermaid tank- the next you are dancing a complicated routine whilst singing the glorious songs of your people (or merpeople). The days are long, the shows are tough and not everything comes as easy as magic. A cove member is dedicated to learning and performing the shows to the very best of their ability so that each person who encounters us has the best experience. When festivals and events book a mermaid show from us they know that each member is fully dedicated to delivering a spectacular mermaid tank show.

2: Skill

It’s safe to say that each member of the cove has their own unique talents. Though this is not enough to be a one trick pony at The Cove! Each of our mermaids train daily to hone their skills in dance, circus arts, magic and more. To be a professional mermaid you have to be able to soak in all the new experiences and skills that are shown to you. This is a fast passed industry, and the current is even stronger with the mermaid cove tide. If a client wants to hire a mermaid they expect excellence and it takes months of training for a seamless performance in the mermaid tank, even longer to put all the skills together for a full production show. A professional mermaid has to be ambitious and able to pick up choreography, strength training, flexibility training, circus arts and more in a short space of time or to already be versed in a few different skills. A professional mermaid has to do all this and then again in a tail…underwater… at events or a festival where there could be thousands of people watching! Yikes!

3: Character

Our shows are jam packed with stories of action, adventure and magic! The driving force of the shows are our multiple mermaids and villains. Each character is unique with their own backstory, skills, hobbies and interests. Our characters are fun and interesting with instantly recognisable mermaid names and are full of charm and charisma. Our mermaids are booked for events, festivals and corporate entertainment because they are able to astound and entertain people of all ages with intricate stories from their past whilst creating new memories for all around them both in and out of our mermaid tank. If you think you can do all of this and more then keep an eye on our careers page as we always look to expand the cove with speciality artists, dancers and more! If you think you've got what it takes to become a professional mermaid, why not check out our careers page here

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