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Love mermaids? So do we! Since starting Mermaid Cove our mermaid tank show has been a massive hit among audiences of all ages and we have since expanded our range to include several portable installations. The installations range from our huge pirate ship stage, to owning the largest mermaid tank in the UK (ginormous at a whopping 10 meters long!). We even have some more surprises in store that we are sitting on secretly for now. It’s all very exciting at Mermaid Cove HQ.

Buy a Mermaid Tank

Since we started our journey, we have had numerous questions on whether we can mass produce our tanks and sell them. Now we would love to do this and bring the joy of being a mermaid to more people but the cost of manufacturing and purchasing the tanks would be far more than most people could afford. Then you have to think of important details such as transport, maintenance, chemically balancing the water, filling the tank and also disposing of the water safely. There is so much that is not considered when people ask to buy a mermaid tank or advice on how to buy a mermaid tank. With all the complications and excessive planning in mind when it comes to a mermaid tank, we decided to do one better for those who would like a mermaid tank but do not have the money to buy or biold one. Also taking into account those who are unable to maintain the upkeep and insurances for a performing mermaid tank too.

Portable Mermaid tank for hire
Largest mermaid tank in the UK

We have complied the ultimate guide on building your own mermaid tank style grotto or ‘mermaid lagoon’ for your own back garden. Complete with enchanting mermaid décor and optional enclosure to keep the mermaid fun going all year around!

Where to begin?

This project is for anyone and can be customised for any budget and with any age in mind. The main bulk of this project requires three things, a pool, decorations, and your imagination!

Step One: Dedicate space for your mermaid lagoon.

Your mermaid lagoon can be as big or as little as you wish. The first thing you want to decide is how much space you want to dedicate to your mermaid kingdom and map out the space with your design. Do you want a large pool? Do you want to focus on the décor and explore your own mermaid designs? Is it going to be just for you or are you planning on making it a fabulous mermaid themed chill out zone? Is it for the kids or is it your own secret mermaid sanctum? Don’t be limited with your options either! If you have a garage or a shed that is not used you can covert these indoor spaces into a fantastic space for your mermaid tank style lagoon AND use it all year around! Don’t let there be rain on your mermaid parade.

Step Two: Choose your mermaid tank!

Once you have decided on how much space you can dedicate to your own mermaid lagoon, you can choose what you want to use as your own ‘mermaid tank’. The options are numerous! For smaller spaces and mermaid lagoons with little ones in mind we recommend a 5ft inflatable paddling pool. This one is compact, easy to set up and even features mini viewing windows on all sides, perfect for stealing peaks and getting fun action shots of your little mermaids.

For a more spacious pool that fits in with a tight budget we recommend something similar to this one:

The size gives even a grown mermaid space to stretch out their fins whilst the inflatable sides are comfy to lean back and relax on. This style is great to turn into a mermaid lagoon if you want to enjoy it as a relaxing space yourself or if you want to share your mermaid lagoon with the kids.

For those mermaid’s who want to make a scene with their back-garden mermaid lagoon we would recommend something similar to this swimming pool:

With 14ft of swimming space and rattan style walls, this style pool will look great in your garden as the base of your mermaid lagoon. Just like the smaller pool above, this pool also comes with porthole style windows that you can use to imagine that you are a mermaid in your own mermaid tank.

These are only a few examples of what you can use as a base to your mermaid lagoon/mermaid tank. The range of pools and paddling pools available to buy now have vastly improved in recent years with options of sizing, style and price varying from place to place. You can even get affordable custom pools if you want to create something from scratch. So be sure to shop around for the best fit for you. If you are on a tight budget you can cut down on costs by searching for large above ground pools on Facebook marketplace or Ebay for less than £100 whilst smaller, kid friendly pools usually go for less than £10-20.

Step Three: Mermaid decoration!

This is our favourite part! Decorate your swimming pool into your perfect mermaid hang out. The limit for this is your imagination. Flowers and themed decorations such as hanging vines, netting and nautical rope go wonderfully with a mermaid lagoon. Below are some links to some ideas to get you started.

Rose vines -

Wisteria hanging flowers-

Floating lily pads-

Jellyfish lanterns-

Floating flowers-

This is our favourite step as it is completely customisable. Your choice of themes, colours and décor are completely your own! There are so many combinations you can explore that you can make it completely original and exactly how you envision your own mermaid lagoon to look like.

Step four: Have fun!

And the last step that we forgot to mention … HAVE FUN! This is only a guide, so the links and suggestions enclosed are only examples to give you a visual idea of the potential of your mermaid pool. The design of your mermaid lagoon is entirely up to you so be original, get creative and have fun!

Savings all around!

Why hire a mermaid when you can have your own mermaid lagoon?

The beauty of creating your own mermaid themed pool for your back garden is that once you have all the key features, you have it for life! You can set up and use your mermaid lagoon whenever you feel like living out your mermaid fantasy and if you have the storage, pack down the mermaid lagoon and store for when you next want to be a mermaid. Not just that, but if you track down those budget bargains you can create a mermaid lagoon for those special mermaid themed events (such as parties and birthdays) and bypass the costs of hiring a venue, buying extra mermaid decorations and even save costs on party entertainment. Stetch out the event/party day into a lifetime of mermaid themed fun with your own customised mermaid tank style pool and keep the magic alive.

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