Merman Riptide

Riptide is stoic, there’s no doubt about that! We like to call him Rip, for reasons that we are sure you can guess. But if you get yourself lost in his far away eyes you will see that he still has the spark of fun from his youth locked away in there. Tell a joke, make a pun and watch this stoic Viking come to life. You won’t regret it, we would stake our shells on it! If you don’t know any jokes that is okay, like us you can just enjoy Rip for his charisma and his charm. Also his muscles.

Vital Stats


Age - ~1100 years


Nationality - Norse


Height - 6' 2"


Eye Colour - Brown


Speed in water - 37 knots

Favourite Food - Liquorice


Favourite Colour - Red


Favourite Animal - Wolf


Favourite Swimming Location - Icelandic Coast


Favourite Past-time - WAR


Favourite Song - Valhalla (Black Sabbath)


Favourite Weapon - Broad sword


Skills - Acrobatics, Axe throwing, fire


Riptide was originally born with a name that he can’t quite remember and during his time as a Viking, Rip with his younger brother Reef enjoyed fame and glory befitting the sons of the king and commanders of his forces. When they were together no army or challenger could bring them down. They were both the heart, soul and fire of the Viking clan they bore their loyalty to and as much as they would disagree, they cared for each other dearly. With each battle they brought back many treasures for their clan until their reputation proceeded them far and wide throughout the lands of old. Upon Rips 18th season, his father who was the feared and revered King of Scandinavia gifted him a ring with pride exclaiming for all the clans, ‘’Ægir the god of the sea bestows his blessing upon this warrior, for he does not fear death!” From then on Rip went unchallenged, for fear that Ægir would claim those that approached this mighty warrior.


From this point it was a time of great prosperity for their people. Rip was due to be wed, his wife to be a princess from a foreign realm and though he knew her little, he loved her dearly. Reef upon hearing the news of his brother’s betrothal set sail north to discover new lands and bring tribute back as a wedding gift. The week of the wedding arrived but the coming of the tide had not yet brought back Reef. Nor any word of his travels. This in itself was not unusual, as Reef had always been prone to losing his way. Rip did not wish to continue the ceremony without his little brother there so with heavy resolve, he went in search of his brother, leaving his betrothed to wait on his return.


Many moons had past, and yet there was no trace of his younger brother. Rip spent many nights searching, raiding country after country looking for the smallest sign yet the chances of finding Reef grew slimmer which each setting of the sun. In these years Rip grew stoic and weary, his once tidy and pulled back locks were now long and matted with the sea salt, unkempt and as wild as the sea he had sailed on for so many years. He knew that he needed to call off his search. He had a duty to his kingdom which had been neglected for too long yet somewhere out there his younger brother was lost, alone or dead. He would not have such dishonour be brought on his beloved brother.


He deserved to join the warriors beyond the golden gates of Valhalla. He deserved that right! As a red moon arose in the air, shedding the bloody light of fallen enemies down upon the lifeless still waters. Rip cursed the gods for taking his brother. He believed now that he would never see him again and as he stared out at the searing brightness reflected in the water, he let something happen that never in his life had happened before. The bitter, cold droplets of tears started to carve their way down his worn and tired face and ever so sheepishly disturbing the tinted red calm of the sea.


He made the decision to start back towards his homeland however it seemed the gods had other plans. A mighty storm blew Rip off course, thunder crashed as Thor beat his anvil with the mighty mjolnir. Winds strong enough to rip a man overboard threw his ship northward and smashed him into an ice floe. As he sank deeper into the cold dark water Rip noticed a faint light coming from a ring his father had given him many years ago. His last memory of human life was being cradled by the ocean as ice enveloped him. In the last glimpse of light he saw a figure swimming towards him. A shark coming to claim him perhaps? No, it was too small to be a shark, but it swam with strong mighty flicks of a shimmery tail. As the figure swam closer he could have sworn he saw a cloud of ginger hair and the pale face of a woman. His eyes closed. Surely not …..


 When Rip next opened his eyes he found himself looking up at the rising sun with the cold kiss of snow under his back, he turned his vision downward and gasped! His legs had gone! Only to be replaced with a scaly fish tail. Beside him on the snowy peak was none other than a mermaid who smiled at him sweetly. It was then that he knew his whole life had been quite literally swept in a different direction!


His new life as a merman had begun, his old life merely a shadow of a dream yet something haunted him. Something he was forgetting that he couldn’t quite bring himself to recall. He spent the next few years in the company of Mermaid Elle learning all he could about the new world around him, but his soul yearned for something more. Something he couldn’t quite stick his fin on. It drew him away from Mermaid Elle and the safety of her cove into the very depths of the abyss where he searched and searched for something he was unable to name….