Merman Reef

Reef is the youngest of two. You could say he has a complex about it! His cheeky and mischievous nature almost covers up his intense desire to finally beat Rip at something! Challenge him to an arm wrestle or squat off and see if you can beat him. Rip may always win the contests but we love Reef all the same, his wild and endearing energy is enough to win the contest for your heart. Almost.

Vital Stats


Age - ~1100 years


Nationality - Norse


Height - 6' 1"


Eye Colour - Grey / Blue


Speed in water - 35 knots

Favourite Food - Pizza


Favourite Colour - Orange


Favourite Animal - Unicorn (THEY EXIST)


Favourite Swimming Location - Nordic Seas


Favourite Past-time - Training & playing with dolphins


Favourite Song - Sexy and I know it (Lmfao)


Favourite Weapon - Spear


Skills - Staff, dual wielding axe, baking cupcakes


Once a proud and noble warrior of the Viking army and heir to the throne alongside his brother Rip. Reef was the life of the party, especially when compared to his serious brother. Who, being the oldest of the Scandinavian Viking king, had been betrothed to a princess for the honour and glory of their clan.


 Even though his strength and courage were matched with Rip, Reef was always second in line for everything. Second in line for the throne, second in ranks and second in glory. Though he was as proud of his brother for his achievements, Reef wanted to finally be recognised for the true warrior and be honoured proudly among the clans just like Rip.


So with this Reef began his journey for glory in 980AD, determined to cross the Nordic sea with his small but loyal battalion. He quested to bring all the spoils he could for his admired older brother in honour of his wedding but also to finally be the first of the brothers to achieve glory in something.


As a red moon glared over the sea and the waves slammed against the side of his ship, Reef (though he would never admit to it) foolishly let his foot become tangled in his ships rigging and as he ordered his crew to drop anchor... He was dropped too. Luckily his father had gifted him a ring in secret before his voyage in hopes that the God of the sea would see him safe as he sailed. And fate would have it… as his body was submerged in the icy waters, Ægir took pity on the foolish boy and froze him solid, stopping his heart and putting him into a deep trance.


Reef sank slowly to the bottom of the ocean and became entangled in a bed of seaweed. This covered him from view for over a thousand years; his family had long since passed away and the empire they built became the stuff of legend.


Unbeknownst to Reef, thousands of years passed as he was frozen solid at the bottom of the ocean. As the years passed his ring blessed by the spirit of Ægir, began to fade in power. In turn the waters he was confined in became polluted by the industrial revolution that was rapidly unfolding above on land, withering the seaweed jungle that had entombed him for all that time.


Slowly Reef’s body began to thaw, as did his subconscious. Hazily his eyes opened to the pitch black of the deep, the pressure of the ocean crushing his ribs as his lungs desperately woke to the pain of oxygen starvation. His convulsions luckily drew attention to a passing mermaid as she travelled through the Nordic waters trying to set right the damages mankind was wreaking upon the seven seas.


Quickly she swam down to Reefs struggling form and as his vision blurred with the last of his oxygen starved body stilled, his last thought was of his brother. He hoped his brother would continue to live an honourable life with his wife and that someday they could eventually meet in Valhalla.

Fate was on his side again! When Reef opened his eyes he was drifting along with the waves at the surface, his body felt light yet powerful. His legs now turned into a fin and surprisingly he took to life as a merman like... well a fish to water.


 The mermaid who saved him laughed as he flopped around with his new form. She taught him how to speak to the sea creatures of the ocean and started to teach him the wonders of the world from the safety of her secret cove but he had always shirked his responsibilities on dry land, aching for fun, adventure and exploration and now he had a whole undiscovered sea of it!


 His short time with Elle ended as he set off on his own mini adventure, too wild and curious to be settled on the shores of their secret cove. Mermaid Elle wished him the best, hoping he would soon return to the little cove when he felt the time was right. Reef found that his skin had developed an icy blue sheen from years entangled in Nordic seaweed and he used this to his advantage when playing hide and seek with his favourite gang of dolphins that he took on his travels with him.


It wasn’t until the dawn of the new millennium that Reef, foolish as he was, remembered a piece of very important information that almost swept him away in a mighty whirlwind of memories: his brother Rip had also been given a ring blessed by Ægir. Perhaps, slim though the chance may be, his brother had also met the same fate as him and was now lost in the icy waters too.


He knew if there was a chance that he had to try and find him and he knew of one person with enough knowledge of the ocean who would help him on his journey. It was time to return back to that secluded cove and the mermaid that gave him a chance of new life….