Mermaid Serena

Serena is a bright and elegant mermaid. She loves the sea and the freedom that swimming around gives her. Her knowledge of sea life and sea creatures rivals that of most merfolk. You can usually find her swimming with the many schools of fish, studying each one to make sure they are healthy and safe. Serena loves stories. Her favourite thing to do is to listen to peoples stories of travel and adventures so if you have a good story to tell, she is listening.

Vital Stats


Age - 129


Nationality - British


Height - 5' 2"


Eye Colour - Brown


Speed in water - 25 knots

Favourite Food - Fried potatoes


Favourite Colour - Green


Favourite Animal - Sea Lion


Favourite Swimming Location - English Channel


Favourite Past-time - Reading / Listening to stories


Favourite Song - Scarborough Fair


Favourite Weapon - Knowledge


Skills - Charming grumpy fish


The story of Mermaid Serena


Serena dreamed of the ocean ever since she was a little girl. Her favourite past time was to sit at her window and stare out across the waves. She was never allowed near the ocean as her father, with no explanation had forbidden it. It was just the two of them, Serena never knew her mother, she had died when Serena was a child and her father never liked to talk about her. He only ever kept one photo of her that he had sparingly shown Serena once when she was little. Her mother was beautiful, she had remembered thinking. Dark hair and vivid blue eyes. She wished she could have met her and though she loved her father dearly, she yearned for the waves and the salty air. Years passed and Serena’s childhood wish of waves and adventure only grew.


It was 1880, seaside holidays were fashionable among the masses and her father had converted their home into a hotel for travellers. Brighton became a busy town full of families and people from all over the country. The railway provided easy access for travellers and this constant stream of new customers meant that her little hotel was always full to the brim. Serena liked how busy her home would get in the daytime, the chance to listen to stories of the ocean was something that she never passed up! She hated it when the night time hit and wary from the sea air, everyone would retire to their rooms leaving Serena all alone again.


On this fateful night, she was not alone for once! What was a normal evening immediately became unusual as she looked at the lone figure sat in a cosy chair in the living room. It was way past any sort of reasonable hour. Who was this person? Serena crept up on them excitedly and instantly could smell the light, crisp scent of the sea. This was no ordinary person. Already she could feel the excitement of a new story flow through her. As she got closer she took in the man’s details, his hair was wild and his eyes held a mysterious faraway look. He startled and when he jumped out of the chair she could see how strong and sea withered his hands were. He must have been a sailor! Sailors always had the best stories. His clothes didn’t seem very nautical though, in fact, Serena thought they must not have been his clothes at all. His vest draped at least a few sizes two big and his tie was crudely knotted around his neck. Serena paused before asking his name. Instead of replying the man sighed and hastily made for the exit.


“Wait!” Serena called after him, her interest at what stories he possessed too tempting for her to stand quietly. Her heart pounded and before she knew it she was chasing him down to the beach. His stride putting him at an unreachable distance.  Serena stopped at the edge of the sea, something in her was going mad. She was never meant to go this far. Not only had that but the man disappeared as if by magic! She felt cheated out of her story, but most of all she felt a strange sense of freedom as she realised how close she was to the thing she was always forbidden to go near. Temptation is a powerful thing but she had given into enough of that for one night. One last longing look at the sea was all she gave before heading back up to her home.



Serena never forgot that strange man. She devoted her free time to reading all she could about strange occurrences of people disappearing into the sea. There had to be some strange connection. Her search took her deeper and deeper into a world she never thought possible, myths about maidens disappearing into the sea, sea creatures and most frivolous of all …mermaids. As ridiculous as it was, it became a growing obsession. Her window seat became a lookout for fish tails in the water and she hungrily watched any new traveller in her hotel for signs of strangeness. When nothing new was revealed to her she decided she needed to take it further. Her window seat was not enough anymore.


All she needed was a better view and a bit of luck. Serena chose a night when her father had retired early and shoved her supplies haphazardly into a little bag. Grasping it tight in her hand she quietly crept out the house and headed up to the cliffs, she would be able to see for miles up there! And she was right! The moon was full and the sky was full of stars, plenty of light to see by, even if it was an odd tinge of red. Serena kicked some pebbles off the side and watched as they dropped into the sea.


She walked a bit further trying to choose a perfect spot for her stake out, kicking more pebbles haphazardly as she went. Her foot caught on a particularly stubborn rock and she stumbled forward towards the Cliffside, her heart was in her chest and her toes were almost peaking over the edge. ‘That was close’ was the last thing she thought before the ground beneath her slid down into the sea, taking her with it!


She was submerged with no way up! The waves were pounding her against the Cliffside and the riptide was pulling her further and further down. Her final breath of air escaped and the last thing she remembered seeing was impossible. A figure almost like her mother was closing in on her, dark hair whirled around her face. Her vivid blue eyes the only piercing light in the angry sea.