Mermaid Luna

Feisty as the night is dark! Luna is our mysterious and alluring siren, watch out for her voice and keep your wits about you. She has a lot of unfinished business with land people so remember to stay on her good side! You can usually find her basking in the moonlight waiting to dash an unfortunate ship onto the rocks. She doesn’t like Pina Coladas, or getting caught in the rain. Not unless she has caused it.

Vital Stats


Age - 182


Nationality - British


Height - 5' 5"


Eye Colour - Grey / Blue


Speed in water - 30 knots

Favourite Food - Souls


Favourite Colour - Purple


Favourite Animal - Owl


Favourite Swimming Location - Singapore


Favourite Past-time - Dragging sailors to their doom


Favourite Song - Elle's sea shanty written about Luna


Favourite Weapon - Her bare hands


Skills - singing, spotting ships at long distances


Luna was born in the 1800's, to parents who were teachers of many practices. Her father travelled the world aboard merchant vessels, teaching captains how to safely navigate the seas. He was a very skilled swordsman and marksman who often taught Luna how to wield her own sword and protect herself should the need ever arise. Her mother, a teacher at the local school, passed down so much knowledge to Luna including how to sing. She loved her parents dearly.


Autumn came and Luna dreamed of sailing the seas to find herself a new adventure in her life. She had all the skills and knowledge her parents had passed down to her yet she hungered for more. She knew women were not permitted above a ship, it was considered a felon if a woman was caught sailing the seas and the punishment was a fate worse than death; to be tossed overboard and left to find your own way to shore. Even so, Luna wanted to chance it! She was as daring as she was spirited.


Late that night Luna took her sword that her father had gifted her the day she started training and sliced her hair. Her once long locks now fell limply just below her earlobes. She packed her travel bag for her journey: a few oversized clothes that she took from her father’s belongings, her favourite book that her mother used to read to her every night and some rations for the road. Heavens knows how long she would have to travel for before her next guaranteed meal. And with that Luna stole into the night, chancing upon a nameless docked ship in the port. The sailors were sleeping and stank of rum and port from celebrations past. Luna thanked her lucky stars as she tiptoed past the crew and stowed away below deck. That morning she awoke with a start as a hard jerk of the ship knocked her against some wooden crates. The ship was sailing. She finally did it!


Weeks past and Luna adjusted to sea life without a care. No one noticed that she was, in fact, a woman or that she was a stranger on the deck. She kept her head down and picked up odd jobs around the ship naturally. She never spoke a word and the crew adapted, assuming that she was mute, dumb or death or all three. This suited her fine as the worry of what would happen if she ever got caught was always on her mind! Luna had long since realised this ship was not a royal sailing ship like she hoped. These were no merchant sailors. These were Pirates so she was damned if she ever spoke out and showed her true identity!


One night above the ship, the air was still and cold, the moon was in waxing crescent form and giving off a red glow. Something Luna had never before seen or heard of before, it was never in any of the history books she read. Thinking of all the books she had at home and of her parents, whom she had left with no word made her miss her home. She missed her beloved father and her beautiful mother’s singing voice. An ache rose within her and Luna could think of nothing to soothe her pain so she began to sing, it was her mother’s favourite song.


The sailor on watch had heard a woman's voice coming from the front of the ship and searched to find the source. This sailor had only ever heard stories of Mermaids and Sirens, but he believed with all his heart that Luna was, in fact, one of these elusive, beautiful, mythical beings, lost on deck from the fathoms below. He grew scared and feared for his shipmates, he couldn't understand how she had made it aboard undetected. He approached with great caution, in case it was an illusion, and had fallen under a spell of her Sirens song. As he got closer, he tripped and fell over a mop and bucket, causing Luna to scream in surprise. This roused many more sailors who rushed above deck to see a woman aboard their ship and knowing the rules of the sea, they awoke their Captain who stormed out onto the deck, a murderous glint in his eyes. Luna knew she was in trouble and with nothing left to lose she drew her sword from her scabbard, ready to fight the Captain of the ship. "Throw her overboard!" The pirates yelled. "Ye don't belong here, lassy." The Captain posed with a smirk. And with one fell swoop, Luna was being picked up and thrown into the icy waters below.


The shock made her close her eyes. The water was colder than the embrace of death that was sure to follow, yet somehow a warmth wrapped around her. She realised that strong arms were cradling her body, and keeping her below the surface. She thrashed around but realised that she had no control over her legs. Something felt strange. With a grimace, she realised how twisted her fate was. She was thrown overboard for being a siren, and now looking down at her new tail, she knew she was one. She looked around to see a merman was holding her close, saving her from surfacing and facing the pirates again. This merman's beard was wild and his eyes grave. ‘’Come with me,’’ He whispered, as they started to swim away. She soon found herself in a secluded little cove where her next sea adventure was about to begin…