Mermaid Elle

Elle is a friendly and excitable mermaid. Her favourite past time is playing hide and swim with one of her best friends Cyril, (an octopus of little to no charm and riddled with worry warts). She is not only the most experienced in magic, she is the oldest mermaid of all. So much so that even she doesn't know how old she is, or where she came from! Her many years of travelling have given her many skills, yet she still can't get her head around certain human languages especially English, it's just so wordy!


Vital Stats


Age - Who knows anymore


Nationality - ???


Height - 5' 4"


Eye Colour - Brown


Speed in water - 45 knots

Favourite Food - Lasagne


Favourite Colour - Yellow


Favourite Animal - All of them! (other than Dolphins!)


Favourite Swimming Location - Bora Bora


Favourite Past-time - Playing hide & swim


Favourite Song - I lava you


Favourite Weapon - Love


Skills - Literally everything


Mermaid Elle found it easy to make friends under the sea. She would play and adventure with all of them, adventures which would usually end with encountering more fishy friends. These new friends would come and go, never staying too long as the busy life of a school of fish or a pod of whales always took priority. By the time she gained her first set of scales she could speak loads of different deep sea languages from meeting all the different life around her. Her favourite was pufferfishlish. Their mannerisms  very intricate, yet no nonsense when it came to adjectives….unlike dophinch. Dolphins were notorious for showing off.


 As the years passed Elle started to discover new abilities. Her top swimming speed was nearly unmatched by all (except perhaps a few sailfish) and her magic was getting stronger. She had to be careful not to cause any rogue waves, though with time that got easier and easier to control. Storms however, took practice and Elle had all the time in the world to practice.


 Elle liked to practice storms at night and this one night was like no other Elle had seen before. The moon was full yet held an eerie red glare within its usual passive light. This did nothing to deter her though, omens or foresight never were her strong suit. Her storm started to pick up nicely, it was always easy at the start. It wasn’t until the vengeful roar of thunder started to shake the very clouds in the sky did Elle start to feel uneasy. With good reason! It was much too late to call the storm off when Elle noticed a boat, unsteady and battered from the brewing storm, sailing her way. She tried all she could but it was too late.


Her magic had conjured up one of the biggest storms she had ever seen. Waves dashed themselves against the boat hungrily, winds tore through the sails and there was not much chance a ship if this size would last against such a brutal reckoning. Then Elle saw it. A human had been claimed by the rage of the sea. He sank deeper and deeper into the cold embrace of the ocean. Elle saw the trace of reddened tearful eyes and the sorrow behind them.  She knew it was wrong, humans were selfish. She had seen that much herself. Yet she couldn’t quench the guilt of her storm claiming life needlessly. It was then that she decided to save this human’s life. She didn’t know how but she almost felt like the blood moon was guiding her. Her magic did what she could not. She had saved him yet he was no longer human and something like dread filled her within as magic this strong usually came at a price.


 Worries aside, Elle spent years with this human who she jokingly named Riptide. It wasn’t too long before he taught her his language. All hash and abrupt, Elle wasn’t sure she was much of a fan, or whether she was very good at it. Still though it was easier to talk to Rip in his native language than try to talk to Cyril. That was one octopus that really knew how to stick around. Neither of them quite knew how to get rid of him, after a while his constant worrying did become quite endearing.


They swapped stories and soon Elle taught Rip as much as he could take in, Cyril even managed to spin a few tales about swim safety and the importance of hiding spots. Still, Elle could tell Rip was still missing something she couldn’t give. It didn’t take much to realise that her magic had taken his memories in exchange for saving his life and even with no memories of his prior life…it was like his soul ached for something.


 After an unsteady farewell Rip soon ventured off, leaving Elle alone again. Again? She had never realised that she was lonely before. Was she lonely before? Or was she now used to the company? Her life of travel and new adventures seemed pale with no companion to share them with, Poseidon himself knew an anxious Octopus was no kind of company to keep all the time.


To take her mind off her new uncomfortable emotions, she devoted herself to helping her other friends in the ocean. The more she encountered the more she could convince herself that she was a little less lonely. Rumour travels fast under the sea, you can thank the bottled-nosy dolphins for that. Ocean inhabitants started to see Elle as their protector. This suited Elle fine as she found she was less lonely when she helped others.


She took this role and diligently watched over the ocean. It saddened her to see that over time it started to fill up with strange and wasteful things. Even the gentle sea turtles were starting to choke on pretend jellyfish and the once beautiful coral reefs were dying. Her battle to protect the ocean had only just begun, even the water started to heat up! Though, if not for this very reason she wouldn’t have met a new friends. But that is a whole different story!