The WOW Factor For Any Event

At Mermaid Cove we are creative masterminds with the habit of producing outside of the box ideas cultivated through working in the various entertainment and marketing sectors and experiencing the stagnation of entertainment.


We were bored with the same, copy and paste options available for events and declared war on the mundane! This is why our installations are bespoke for each event and bring to life new ideas, spectacular equipment and are different for each individual event.


We ensure that your event truly stands out from the crowd and work with you to create an unforgettable experience.




3m Mermaid Tank

Our 3m standard events tank, ideal for festivals, indoor shows, product launches and more



10m Mermaid Tank

At an enormous 10m this is the largest portable mermaid tank in Europe, perfect for making a splash at large scale events.


The Ruthless

Pirate Ship

Fantastic as a stand alone installation or used in combination with one of our tanks.