Mermaids at

Your Event

Mermaid Cove is the only UK Company that has a portable mermaid tank. With its water capacity of 10,000-litres, it is one of the largest performance tanks in the world with one of the most impressively skilled teams of mermaids, performers and artisans.


Our aim is to astound and impress people of all age, we can bring something truly special to your event.


Our bespoke packages are custom built for our client’s exact purpose, ranging from 3 of our magical performers to a full cast and tailored marketing campaigns suited for your exact style of event.


Bring your space within an exhibition to life and give your potential customers something they will never forget. Mermaid Cove can act as an installation piece demonstrating your product giving the perfect opportunity for visitors to snap photos and videos of both our spectacular mermaid tank and most importantly; your product.


We can work with your brand to create content in the lead-up and aftermath of the event to ensure you have plenty of fantastic content to share across your social channels. Our in-house marketing team can even collaborate with you to create a bespoke campaign around your marketing needs.

Product Launches

Ensure you give your guests an event they will never forget with Mermaid Cove as an installation piece for your product launch. With Mermaid Cove being the only UK based Mermaid company to own a travelling tank, we can ensure that your guests will never have seen anything like it!


Our performers and entertainers can work to demonstrate your product or greet guests as they arrive, what better a way to start an event than to be served your drink by a real-life mermaid.


We can even create a bespoke performance routine based around the timings of your show.


Give your guests an experience of a lifetime with one of Mermaid Cove's full shows featuring 5 mermaids and mermen alongside a host of other performers. Our shows can either repeat at set times throughout the day or we can run an ongoing storyline that unfolds throughout the day.


Between shows, our performers will be out and about in the festival getting into all sorts of mischief and interacting with your guests giving them plenty to snap photos of whether it be challenging people to press-up contents or duelling amongst themselves.


Don't forget to ask Elle about her hot-tub!

Special Events

Having a special event at your venue? Mermaid Cove is the perfect addition to not only make it memorable and give your guests plenty to talk about, it is also a fantastic way to get huge amounts of organic social media traffic - ensuring your marketing material reaches as many people as possible.


During the event, our videographers can help to capture your guests interacting with our performers for a stunning showreel that will make anyone who missed the event green with jealousy!

Circus Events

Do you have a circus type event and want to bring in a whole new aspect? Our Mermaids and Mermen can perform a huge variety of underwater tricks alongside out-of-water acrobatics, juggling arts and aerial performances.


Why not incorporate one of our story arcs to run throughout your event?


*Mermaid Cove will not perform with any circus that uses animals in any performance

Corporate Occasions

Whether it's a corporate dinner, award ceremony or Christmas party; Mermaid Cove is the perfect combination of spectacular visuals with mesmerizing magic and performances that can captivate and enthral your guests.


Give your guests something they will never have seen before and probably will never see again with a Mermaid Cove installation.