Welcome to the Mermaid Cove. Here you will find all of our mermaids and mermen who have taken to land to interact with humans all over the world. Our pod of merfolk are specialists at spreading magic and joy everywhere we go from festival to festival and with our performance, we can make any event spectacular.


Ever see a mermaid perform wondrous feats of fire magic? Ever see a merman do 8 flips in a row before engaging in a daring swordfight? If the answer is no then keep an eye out for Mermaid Cove as we have a massive array of skills and talent to keep anyone on the edge of their seat.


We love putting smiles on people’s faces and you could say we are mer-mazing at what we do. We want to make an impact wherever we go, and use that attention to help raise awareness around many of the vital issues that we are facing in our seas, from climate change to overfishing.


Our Merfolk are very passionate about caring for our oceans, it is our home and life source for the billions of people around the planet. We all live on the same Earth and our Earth needs us to care for it as much as it provides for us. If you are interested in finding out how you can help our merfolk spread planet positivity or how to take a step in helping save our oceans then get into contact with us or see more on our news pages and social media.


Want to know what Mermaids can do for your event?


Mermaid Elle

Elle is a friendly and excitable mermaid. She is not only the most experienced in magic, she is the oldest mermaid of all. So much so that even she doesn't know how old she is, or where she came from!


Merman Riptide

Riptide is stoic, there’s no doubt about that! We like to call him Rip, for reasons that we are sure you can guess. But if you get yourself lost in his far away eyes you will see that he still has the spark of fun from his youth locked away in there.


Mermaid Luna

Feisty as the night is dark! Luna is our mysterious and alluring siren, watch out for her voice and keep your wits about you. She has a lot of unfinished business with land people so remember to stay on her good side!


Mermaid Serena

Serena is a bright and elegant mermaid. She loves the sea and the freedom that swimming around gives her. Her knowledge of sea life and sea creatures rivals that of most merfolk.


Merman Reef

Reef is the youngest of two. You could say he has a complex about it! His cheeky and mischievous nature almost covers up his intense desire to finally beat Rip at something!


Mermaid Freyja



We are always looking for talented people to join us in our exciting future, whether you're a mermaid in the making, a camera wizard or budding marketer, we want to hear from you.